CAI Yishu

Ph.D. Candidate | CityU of HK

Let every man be his own methodologist, let every man be his own theorist. ― C. Wright Mills

About me

My name is CAI Yishu [Curriculum Vitae]. I am a Ph.D. candidate in the College of Business at the City University of Hong Kong. I major in Marketing, commit myself to Management and Sociological topics, and engage in interpreting the real world around me.

I keep considering the role of corporations and power elites in modern society, a world of ideological polarization and technology alienation. Currently, I am exploring the impacts of social movements on firms’ operations and corporate responsibility.

I am also attentive to the organizations after technology and the implication of algorithms in organizational management, in both aspects of the coding elites and cybertariat. I follow the methodology revelations by combining Econometrics with deep learning to identify the causal relations behind everyday phenomena.

My dream is to work as a methodologist, think as a theorist, and live as a problem-solver.